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Crazy About Someone?

Crazy About Someone?
Any of this sound familiar to you?
  • "I think about him/her all the time."
  • "I get butterflies and tingles when I think of this person."
  • "I feel distracted from everything else -- schoolwork, friends, family, work -- and I am having a hard time concentrating on other daily tasks."

Or maybe it's happening to a friend, who...

  • Is happy, pleasant, and positive 24/7 -- and is super energized.
  • Wants to spend all their free time with their new partner.
  • Goes out of their way and does just about anything for this person.
Or possibly...
  • A friend is ignoring danger signs about a relationship that's going wrong.
  • You (or a friend) seem to need less sleep.
  • You find yourself having feelings...even though it started as a hookup with no strings, no emotions.
Answer yes? Well then there is a LOT of chemistry happening and you should know how it works and how to make it work for you!
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