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breaking up

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Fact of Love #9
Did you know that the prefrontal cortex of your brain (that gray matter that helps you make smart decisions) isn't finished growing until your early to mid 20s? Plus, it's harder to think clearly when you're overwhelmed with emotion. That's why it makes sense to wait until things calm down before you make any big decisions about a new relationship.

Broken Hearts

Broken HeartsVery few people go through life without ever having a broken heart or being a heart-breaker. Someone once said that the average person goes through 6 romances or crushes before finding a person that is really right for them. Is that true? Ask someone older, like your parents, or an aunt or uncle.

The bad news is that it probably will happen to you (maybe it's happening now), but the good news is that you can survive. And, if you're smart about it, a break up can teach you a lot about yourself and others, and help you know what you do or do not want in the future.

Things Happen

Break-ups happen for all sorts of reasons. It's not always the case that someone is just a jerk or cheats. Sometimes it's just the wrong time and not the right match. The most common reasons for breakups -- even of friendships -- are that one or both people have changed or are going in different directions.

Truth a teenager you are still finding out who you really are.

Maybe you came to this page because your heart is broken and you need to figure out where to go from here...

Maybe you are wondering if you should break up. And if there are any danger signs, you need to break up: be sure you know the warnings.

Or maybe you have already decided and you're trying to find the best way to end a relationship or friendship...

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