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breaking up

Broken Hearts

Mending and Moving On

How to Break Up

  • Don't hop quickly into another relationship. Take a break and process.
  • Don't do drama-talk with a friend about how you can win him or her back.
  • Don't seek revenge by spreading rumors or playing silly jealousy games. You can be the bigger person even if you've been done wrong.

Mending and Moving On

Mending and Moving OnLet's be real. It can feel awful to be dumped. It's normal to cry. It's OK to feel angry. It's common to think "If only...if only I had done this or that, or been this or that." Or even to ask yourself, "What's wrong with me?"

Face Reality

It's over because it's over. You can't force feelings. People change. People discover what works and doesn't work. There are lots of reasons why relationships break up. Cry, cry, and cry...let out emotions...but don't continue to wallow in self-pity forever. Hey, practically every young person goes through this.

Don't you want a boyfriend or girlfriend who is as crazy about you as you are of him or her? Someone who really appreciates you for who you really are? If you have to chase someone down, make all the effort and convince them to be with you...umm, is it really worth it? Sometimes we have losses to teach us things and to prepare us for something better down the line. Make a list of your positive qualities -- those you'd want a partner to appreciate. Make a list of the qualities you'd want in a partner and the kind of relationship you want.

What can I do? This is all so stressful!

  • Get out and do things.
  • Call up friends.
  • Take up a new activity.
  • Visit new places.
  • Listen to music.
  • Identify something new you want to work on, learn, or do.
  • Get outside every day and get moving with exercise, even just a daily walk.
  • Talk to a trusted adult about love and losses. You'd be surprised what an aunt, grandma, friend's father, or teacher might tell you about love and heartbreak.
Remember, things do get better with time.
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