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You don't have to have all the answers to be a great leader. Most leaders become leaders, because they have questions. Ask yourself...

Who are the leaders in my community?

What makes a "good" leader? What makes a "bad" one?

Who are the leaders we see most in the media? Who are the ones we don't see?

If I were "in charge" for a day or a year, what would I change about my school? About my community? About my state and/or country?

Lead The Way!


Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, colors, forms and AGES!!!

Are you a leader?

Have you ever come across an issue or cause that made you want to do something, but you did not know how to get started? Or it felt overwhelming and just too big for you to tackle?

Maybe you have great NEW is where you can explore all these things and take the steps to becoming the leader you want to be!

  • Personal Leadership
    Take a look at who you are and what your passion is, and set goals.
  • Leadership Style
    There are different kinds of leaders. Identify your strengths and think about what kind of person you are.
  • Take Action in Organizations
    Work inside your school, youth program, or youth organization to create change.
  • Take Action in Communities
    Is there something going on in the community you live in that needs to be challenged or changed? Take the steps to BE that change.
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