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What is your leadership style?
  • have imagination
  • have passion
  • think out of the box
  • think about the future
  • dream
  • have energy
  • have perseverance
  • are flexible
  • are good with their hands
  • are performers
  • have good management or administrative skills
  • follow logic
  • may have math skills
  • do research
  • analyze
  • are problem solvers
  • have compassion
  • are good communicators
  • have verbal skills
  • have listening skills
  • have social skills

Leadership Style

Leadership Style

Being a leader starts with YOU

Everybody has something special to contribute to the world, but often we lack the confidence to see it. To understand your leadership style, first think about all the special talents and gifts you have - take a few minutes and make a list of your strengths.

Leadership Style: What's YOURS?

Teamwork can be challenging because people have different views on leadership. Understanding different styles of leadership will help clarify roles for all team members. Successful teams have all four styles represented:
  • Visionaries - They dream, see the future and generate ideas for action.
  • Doers - They have the energy and the skills to make things happen.
  • Organizers - They take care of the details and logistics, and they do the research.
  • Connectors - They relate and reach out to others, facilitate meetings, and keep groups together.
Leadership Style

Being a leader means working with OTHERS

The key to making positive change is teamwork. Working with a group of people who are committed to the same cause is more effective - just think about all the different talents and skills coming together and building on each other.

There is power in numbers. You can take a stand on an issue, but just think how much more powerful your statement would be if 100 people were standing behind you.

You can also learn the skills of Personal Leadership if you are not interested in working with a larger group yet.

Make a list of your strengths

  • Skills - List all the things you can do with your hands.
  • Knowledge - List all the things you know a lot about.
  • Passions - List all the things you are really interested in and feel strongly about.
  • Connections - List all the people and groups you interact with.

Go for at least 10 items in each category - you have lots of gifts to share!

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