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Need Help Now?
Different STDs take different tests. To find out if tests are recommended for you, talk to a doctor or health care provider.

Condom Broke?

Condom Broke?

Act Fast to Prevent Pregnancy

Emergency contraception (EC) is birth control that can prevent pregnancy after you've had unprotected sex.

The sooner you take EC, the more likely it is to work. You can take EC up to 5 days after unprotected sex or if a condom breaks.

Get Tested for STDs and HIV

If your condom broke, you and your partner may have been exposed to STDs and HIV. Call a health center, county health department, or family planning program for help deciding if you should have STD/HIV tests now. If you're having sex, you should plan on being tested at least once each year.
Condom Broke?

Make a Plan

Do you know what went wrong? Condoms work extremely well when they're used right - but sometimes breaks do happen.

Talk to your partner: make sure you both understand how to use condoms. If you can take your time and make it sexy, you can make sure you're taking the right steps to keep both of you protected. For the best protection, always use condoms with another form of birth control.

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